Destiny Skybox samples demonstrating use of shader, modeling / texturing, layout and composition with final colour timing.

This is some of the work I have done while at Bungie.


The Tower skybox. This went through a few iterations until we landed on the mood we wanted to convey. While concepts of the Traveler existed the remainder of the vista was explored in engine. The sky has a full time of day cycle.

All work created and implemented by MG.

concept paintings by MG


Cosmodrome Skybox with playable area deleted.

with playable area visible (playable area not created by MG)


Red - assets created by Ryan Watkins

Green - assets created by Isaiah Sherman

Far bank of the lake to the distant horizon, models, atmospherics and clouds created and layout by MG 

Mars Skybox. Created and implemented by MG. Central lower most canyon asset created by Ryan Watkins. Full time of day cycle with out of atmosphere spinning Phobos and Deimos providing the Moon light.

postcard concept by MG  using existing world art building assets as a base.




Venus Skybox created and implemented by MG


postcard concept by MG

Venus concept by MG


The Moon skybox created by MG (playable area in the foreground)

playable area deleted



The Moon Hellmouth concept by MG


Dreadnaught skybox with playable area. Skybox created by MG

playable area deleted.

another view of the dreadnaught skybox showing Saturn with playable area deleted.


with playable area (not created by MG)



Gameplay area deleted showing just skybox - created and implemented by MG based on a concept.



The Black Garden skybox by MG based on a concept.


Orbit screen skyboxes and loading screen backdrops created by MG. This is a sample of my work;



player ship not created by MG



cinematic backdrops / explorations









HALO : REACH skyboxes sample (2008 - 2010)


3d ships not made by MG


top left frigate is not MG

skybox for cinematic



spaceships not created by MG


gameplay area in the foreground 



HALO : REACH concept paintings;